Help! I don't want you
to shave my dog!

This is an understandable request from many clients. In short, there is no need to shave or cut any pet tightly - providing the coat is relatively matt and tangle free. Sometimes a pets coat - especially with curly coats such as Bichon Frise, Poodles etc - can appear to be tangle free, but matts usually start at the base of the hair shaft. In simple terms, a groomer needs to be able to pull a narrow-toothed comb easily and with no stoppages through the coat, from the skin to the tip of the hair. If this can be achieved over every part of your pet including legs, chest and belly, you will be able to confidently state exactly how long you would like your pets hair to be cut / styled.

When a pet receives good home grooming, this will give you more options regarding different styles available for your pet. I will be happy to discuss your requirements, and also provide advice on home grooming.